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Jisc's website for gathering ideas that have the potential to improve higher and further education. It is under development and is currently not open for new ideas. So far Jisc has used it for a couple of experimental competitions. You can see the ideas submitted during the recent Summer of Student Innovation competition in the archive. 

We know there are other ways to use the elevator to help further and higher education in the UK. So if you have an idea for using the elevator please get in touch.

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Featured Winners

FundFind - Find Postgraduate Funding!

by Emanuil Tolev, Undergraduate at Aberystwyth University

FundFind is a website which allows funders and Unis to post funding opportunities and allows you to find them + more!

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by Andrew Isherwood, Undergraduate at University

Developing applications through the aid of graphical representation of your code as you progress

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Study Buddy - the planned procrastination tool

by Elaine Bateman, Undergraduate at Open University

Keeps track of your available study time, adjusts your study schedule to compensate whilst allowing breaks for morale.

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The Summer of Student Innovation was an experiment in funding ideas from students that would use technology to...
The Student of Summer Innovation 2014 sought to fund ideas from students to use technology to improve education...