Chapter Two

About this idea

Chapter Two

Wouldn't it be great to walk into a new world and know exactly what you can do, where you can do it and who is ready to help you achieve these things?

Walking through the campus doors for the first time can be one of the most intimidating moments in a lifetime. That's why it's only logical that a system is created to make this event as seamless and stressfree as possible. Chapter Two is an interactive guide that introduces new students to the new life they're about to experience. It aims to answer as many questions that run through their minds as possible before they even set foot in their university.

In my personal experience as a student, many questions are left unanswered throughout the first year, and it may usually take a while before someone gets accustomed to their new environment - especially one that is as stimulating and boundless as university. Adapting to a new lifestyle requires simulatenous attention in many respects and it is therefore important to support students as much as possible. 

Chapter Two covers as much information as possible: the intricacies of IT services and university facilities are clarified, and the many opportunities to get the most out of their education throughout the following years are laid out. Along with that, the first few weeks (some of the most crucial one) at university are also demystified: timetables, fresher's fairs and the overall structure of fresher's week are carefully explained so that students won't feel lost the moment they arrive. 

Embarking on a new adverture that shapes not only your knowledge and expertise, but also your personality can be extremely intimidating. This idea is there to guide newcomers through the first steps as much as possible and hopefully make a nerve-wracking experience as great as it ought to be.