About this idea

 Every year lots of students move to a new town where there is a university. They are close to their mates and don’t communicate well with the locals. It’s difficult to be an integrated community.  Students can find themselves with too much free time, which they waste with procrastination.

commUNItime is an APP that connects University students with the local community.

For students wanting to make better use of their free time, improve their CV, connect with local people, business and the environment.


Choose an activity or area of interest and drag it into a time slot in the calendar to indicate how you would like to donate your time.

The app will work in partnership with local councils, organizations and charities to safely and efficiently help you to donate your spare time.

Get involved with local environmental projects, pass on a skill, help local people with errands, find work experience or an internship. Improve relationships with local residents and business. Earn extra-curricular credits at your University and strengthen your CV.