About this idea

Coursemash is an easy to use website and app where university students can compare their course options for the following year, discuss and get feedback from previous students on the structure of the course, the difficulty of exams, the quality of the lectures etc... 

Choosing your options for the next year can be one of the hardest points of an academic year, especially when you have to soldier through hundreds of pages of your university website. Even when certain options sound good, everyone dreads coming to their first lecture and being met with a dreary voiced lecturer, a bullet train lecture course, or quite simply hieroglyphs! Enter CourseMash, a user input website where students can see all their available options, rank and rate them, read uncensored feedback straight from the mouth of former students and find out everything they could possibly need to make an informed choice.

Currently still in the fledgling stage, CourseMash will connect students from every discipline and be accessible to all students who have a .edu or .ac email address!