Digital NFC/QR enabled ICE Band for student safety.

About this idea

Bath College Submission for JISC Summer of Innovation Competition – Improving Student Experience .

GYB Digital ICE Band

We are a team at Bath College who are working on a student safety campaign.  The campaign itself was launched in March of this year in response to the devastation and loss felt by students with the latest river death of Samuel Amin, a young Bath student with a very bright future.

Digital Wrist Band

As part of the Got Ya Back student safety campaign we are looking at new ways to ensure that students are safe on nights out.  We have an existing wallet card for students that they fill in with their details in case of emergency.

To take advantage of the growth in the digital age we have designed a new Digital ICE (In Case of Emergency contact) chip. This will enable the use of Wristbands to be read that could contain critical information in an emergency. The wristbands will contain an NFC chip that can be read from most modern Android phones. We plan to print QR codes which will enable the bands to be accessed from Apple products.

Market Research

We have surveyed a large sample of the student population at Bath College (300 students). 11% of respondents would wear an NFC band.  We looked into ways of making this band more useful and the main suggestion from students was that they would wear it if it had the added functionality of a watch.  When we resurveyed the students, 78% said that they would wear a watch with NFC /QR capability.



Our idea is to develop an application to write to the chips which will allow us to setup a protocol within the application. The protocol will send a text to the number on the NFC chip. This will be a preset message to inform the in case of emergency contact that a person has been found.  This will be secure as the message will be sent to the designated contact only.  We already have a lot of local support for our student safety campaign.  Publicity generated includes ITV and BBC news coverage.  We need help with further innovation of our concept into an application to work with the ICE band. We have had approaches from other universities and councils as far afield as Newcastle and Durham to roll out our campaign.  The opportunity to work with JISC would be amazing in terms of experience and future employability. We would be delighted to progress this further with JISC.


Ché Weston and Matthew Elliott

National Diploma in IT Final Year Students

Bath College.  11th May 2015