About this idea

**Note: "You may have to increase your speaker volume :)"


  A social collaborative workspace for university students. For all those times you have a coursework deadline soon, need help understanding content quickly, and when you feel you can understand things better if someone explains it to you, JELLYGUM is at your service. The first time you'll be able to access your  entire class anonymously - like the YikYak for education! JELLYGUM will operate on all internet browsers, smartphones and tablets, so we have you completely covered, work remotely or work at your desk - you choose! What's more with JELLYGUM, once our userbase has sufficiently increased we will connect you to brands , maybe to even test products and receive expensive freebies! And at JELLYGUM we love our members so every week we will do giveaways of top prizes for our LOVELY MEMBERS. 

WHY NOW?  With the advent of Connectivity at an unprecendented scale, collaboration in understanding ideas and improving work efficiency seems an only natural evolution in the next stage of workflow development; with JELLYGUM we aim to bring this to university students. 

WHO ARE WE?  We are UNIVERSITY STUDENTS, and we understand the value of collaboration in getting things done much quicker! :)

 JELLYGUM - "Just Share It"