Lecture Companion

About this idea

Every student is tired of having to trawl through Moodle or Blackboard to find their lectures. Lecture Companion streamlines the process by synchronising the lecture content directly to your phone or tablet.

Saving time, effort and frustration, you will be able to bring up the slides for your lecture as soon as it starts. From here you can make notes however you want; annotating diagrams, highlighting important facts and adding your own text to the slides.

These changes are saved on your phone or tablet and can be brought back up in the history section to refer back to for revision at any time. Notes made will be linked to their relevant slides, so you can very quickly check back over.

A handy to do list allows you keep track of what needs doing, with reminders to ensure you stay on target for deadlines and upcoming exams.

You already carry a phone and tablet with you every day. Now you can finally ditch the paper for a more straightforward way to study.