About this idea

We live in a world marked by growing populations, increased connectivity, and enhanced opportunities.

Yet I believe we do not make enough use of what is around us at university,  especially in an environment with such a high density of active brains and ideas.

During our short period in college, we’re all looking to achieve a number of things, weary of building an all-rounded profile, developing a network, participating in so many different things and becoming the selves we aim to be.

Some would benefit real help from an older, maybe PhD student in a specific area of study, others would enjoy acquainting with a high-level tennis playing student to stimulate their game, whilst other may simply be looking for a partner for their charity project abroad.

The higher your goals, the more you need the help of others.

However finding the right people to surround you is no easy task, and you may well go through your university years without ever meeting that perfect partner for your project, that right person with similar goals as you.

Well, has it ever occurred to you that these kind of people may be right next to you? That the fellow seating behind you at the cafeteria could be your next trusted project partner? Maybe that girl at the back row will be the next guitarist in your band.

We all have a unique story, something to bring to the table, and something to seek on it.

What if we could search for people with certain skills, particular interests or ambitions within our college, and choose amongst the people around us someone looking to mount a similar project, masters a certain skill of interest to us?

What if we could share with other involved students what we are personally best at and what we wish to achieve ?  

Then we would all be meeting the right people, improving our soft and hard skills, gathering the resources to achieve what we aimed for, and make the most out of the dynamic university environment. We would develop a real, live valuable network based on mutual interest that may well last a lifetime. We would surround ourselves with the right people to mutually stimulate our capabilities and contribute to mutual growth of the student body by sharing the very best skills we have to show and those we look to build on.


We’re all different, and with a growing number people attending university, there must be somebody to match exactly what you are looking for.

That is what PinPoint is all about. A simple app by students for students, gathering people looking to exchange help, to join projects, to establish partnerships. An app that boosts dynamic relationships and makes you use the right opportunities in people around you swiftly. An app that helps you pinpoint exactly and quickly what you are looking for, and who you want to do it with.  An app that stems straight from this need expressed by ambitious students everywhere.

Now you just think of all that we can do with the right resources to achieve it.

A vote for this project is a vote for your ambitions at university and beyond !

Thank you.