Quokka - student societies and events in one platform.

About this idea

About this idea

We want to challenge the habits of organizing Societies and searching for upcoming events in your campus. Why? Because we are students ourselves and we know what we need best and we came here to share our idea with you. We don't like spam, misleading advertisements, time-consuming designs so we brought you a solution! Quokka - a single platform that unites all the student societies and their activities in your campus.

Who will benefit and how?

The idea will benefit all the students within Universities, Colleges  and our aim is to deliver it to 11000+ Universities in the whole world. By providing an easier access to student society events we believe it can increase the engagement between them which will enhance the student experience.

- Increase student engagement within their campus.

What are we challenging?

Imagine receiving notifications from hundreds societies within your campus? It's too much yet you want to know WHAT is happening around, don't you? Well we have a great platform to help you filter those societies, events and save your time.

- Decrease dependency on other social platforms that are NOT designed for students societies.

Who will get it?

Everyone in the world who has a smartphone & access to the internet. To start the application will be available to Android and iPhone users. The project is in progress since January 2015 and we already have a working prototype and we will release it in September 2015 at the start of the new academic year.

- Free access to the application to both students and societies in the whole world.

People who are involved in developing the idea

The team consists of 4 students from who are all founding partners. We work as a team and as of yet we are concentrating on the Marketing, User experience, User interface and Code Development.

- Nazz Ibrahim (Publicity and Marketing)

- Petras Janulevicius (Project Organizer & User Experience)

- Andrius Salasevicius (User Interface Design)

- Josh Bennett (Code Developer)

Thank you for your attention,

Students from University of Manchester