About this idea

Who the idea will benefit and how

The idea will benefit students and teachers by allowing them to provide/receive a more innovative and meaningful feedback. The teacher, with the help of the OHMD, will be registering specific moments during the presentation and will be sending the photograph with the normal written form. The photograph will provide the student the opportunity to analyse the exact moment in which the feedback is referring to.

Possible use cases

The application can be used for different activities in a class environment such as student presentations, group discussions, and one to one feedback.


The outcome of the project will be an application compatible with various optical headed-mounted devices (OHMD) that allows the user to take photographs, apply feedback comments, and read instructions. Timescales The project is expected to take 18 months in total.

People who will be involved in developing the idea

My supervisor and I have already run a pilot with over 90 students in Middlesex University. We will be providing the ideas to further develop the application. I am also happy to participate on the development part.