About this idea

I have come up with an idea that is aimed at making the life of students easier. My idea is called Shop Student and is designed to remove the struggles that students go through when going through any form of higher education. Being a student means that you have to juggle a lot of things in order to achieve your full potential. You have to complete all of your coursework also lots of reading and revision whilst balancing a student social life. On top of all of these things you may need to find a job as well as find somewhere to live for the following year. All of this can easily get on top of you.

And that is where Shop Student comes in.

Shop Student has a range of features all designed at making life easier.

Shop Student has a list of universities in the UK in rank order as well as a filter system allowing you to search ranks of universities in regards to subject. Shop Student will also give full information about requirements necessary to attend each university as well as information regarding clearing and also information regarding transfers. Shop Student will also give full information about accommodation from on campus accommodation, private accommodation and student houses from letting agencies. Shop student will also have placement and internship opportunities both paid and unpaid as well as work experience opportunities for the holiday periods. Shop Student will also show part-time work opportunities from various agencies for students who need flexible work schedules as agency work fits around an individual’s personal timetable. Shop Student will also have chat capabilities; one type will be form based where you can ask questions and have them answered by students. For example; Where is the closest accommodation to a Tesco?

There will also be private chat based system which will allow students to search for people on their course at any university and ask questions about how the course is taught or search within their own university and find people who are on their course and year and build friendship groups or ask a student in the year above for help with their studies.

Shop Student will be available as a website as well as an app for tablets and smart phones.

This means that the Shop Student features will be always available to you allowing you to receive instant notifications of opportunities directly relevant to you allowing for quick and easy responses to new situations.

There are a number of websites and apps all aimed at students but they all focus on one aspect of student life. Shop Student has a niche in the market and aims to compile all of the information that students will need.

The Key thing that you need to understand about Shop Student is the fact that it has the ability to develop in a number of ways and will become an invaluable asset to all students.