Student Startups - Boosting Student Collaboration

About this idea

Problem: Students are creative, they generate ideas. Ultimately those aspiring students are just looking for people - a graphic design student to make a logo, an engineer to build a product or a marketing person to get the word out. But sharing ideas, finding cofounders, and early users is hard. We put this down to the limited channels we have as students. Newsletters are never read and networking events are inaccessible. Otherwise, connections are made out of pure chance. Furthermore, students interested in taking their ideas further have a difficult landscape to navigate. There are so many events, competitions, resources pushed by so many student bodies and university departments, that it's daunting and confusing to even get started.


Solution: Frustrated with the lack of collaboration occurring within our university, we decided to build a website to solve the first part of this problem. It allows students to post their ideas and what help they are looking for. Or it allows the curious to discover emerging ideas to contribute to - true team work! We think awareness is the foundation for next steps. Eventually, we also want to aggregate news, events, competitions and resources to make student startups the one stop shop for everything to do with student entrepreneurship. Next we want to create an on-campus student presence, bolstered by brand ambassadors and regular events such as workshops and meet ups.


Prototype: (with real student projects!)