About this idea

Synapse is a intuitive platform for guiding learners to the greater context of their learning through connecting researchers around the world. By mapping and sharing research on Synapse students and independent learners can find the holes in their knowledge, discover resources applicable to their topic, and expand their understanding of a field.

It also helps students track & manage their own research, making ineffective bookmarking or laborious referencing a thing of the past. Catering to visual learning and spatial intuition, the soft nature of classification is elegantly addressed through the use of recognized resources and relative positioning. This helps users quickly and effectively navigate their research and does away with the issue of complicated tagging regimes.

Started four months ago as a graduate school project, Synapse is in development, with a visual prototype and a several digital mockups. We would like to work with JISC to continue the software development and spread our solution into the hands of the deserving and underserved students it will help.

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Feel free to contact us if you want any more information or to discuss our project.

Expand your mind and simplify your research