About this idea

Having trouble looking for universities?

Uni-Ranks is an app which contains all the information regarding universities all in one place. This app contains league table with up to date information which has been gathered from two of the country’s leading websites- CUG Ranks and the Guardian. This app also contains information referring to courses being offered to you from various universities and also daily news about universities. These news can be about their performances within their results, open days which are to be held, the university lifestyles like clubs and teams sport etc…

Some user could benefit from this app because it’s portable (mobile phone or tablet) and provides all the information needed just from a click of finger. It prevents the hassle of the users having to go online and search every website for different future placements and allows those who wish to not use their personal computer to instead use the better and more easier alternative which is Uni-Ranks’ app.

This app is aimed to all candidates who wishes to go to university for further education and experience something new like being independent and engaging in many activities the university would have to offer. We aim to make candidates life easier with the app we produce as this app will also contain a section to look at their previous history, gain support and find out more about this application.

Voting for this app means making life easier to search for the right university for an individual. No Regrets!

Produced by: Tahmid Chowdhury (Leader/Creator), Dryden Richardson (Editor) & Nicholas Ware (Creator)