Uniti Me

About this idea

About this idea

What is UNITI ME? 

Uniti is an app for higher education students from around the world. Through this platform, students can come together to learn and explore their chosen field, to learn more about top employers of their choices. They do this in a friendly online environment, where they can also meet other students studying the same course as them to share knowlege about their career goals. 

How Uniti Me is created?

Students in particular, live in their own bubble when studying at University, this could be both positive and negative. Students are too busy studying that they have little time/motivation to invest in career related tasks, to understand the real world at large. This is part of student life but it leaves a regret at the end when they graduate and they wish they could have understood the outside world more whilst being a student. Only students who go on placement year have more privilege. With this in mind,  this problem is solved by providing a platform where they can learn about the top employers of their choice, get up-to-date news about what is happening within the industry, to see what other similar students around the world are doing and what is expected of them after graduating.

Market competition will include networking sites. There are Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin that students can like and follow companies and employers to keep updates and news from the companies and also see other students' professional profiles, but often time, this is disorganised and not personal. Student often get too much updates. The business advantage is that Uniti Me can organise this information for students to get more benefits, to be more selective in their choices. At the end, students tend to like so much companies pages that they forget how much news and updates that they get. 

However, this is not only the feature in Uniti Me, student also love to travel, they like getting to know the global and the world around them, the other feature is to connect students with students who are also studying the same subjects as them, this will allow them to gain a wider range of university friends. Where they can share career related ideas and compare cultural diversities, difference or similarities - which can motivate and enrich the educational system and subjects that they are studying.

Who will this benefit?

The educational system will be enriched, in particular it will allow a vast majority of higher education students to be open and flexible in the way that they learn in their practices, to motivate them as they are learning at university/college level. Secondly, students who may feel isolated at University, not being able to make friends, or those who that studying doesn't allow them to open up to the outside world will benefit from the app.  

With this idea, employers will benefit in having to connect with students, letting them know more about possiblities and how to get into their industry. Students will be able to find career interest that meets their needs, top companies that they would like to work for in future and an easy way to learn more about the practical side of things from people similar to them.

How Uniti Me will help...

Uniti will provide a secure and personal space that students can rely on. Protected and guaranteed way of knowing the world around their subjects. Users can only use the app with their University login, once students have finish their degree, they are immediatly removed. This is to ensure that members are specifically current learners at institutes and it is not a public access. The aim is to create a career networking center that is specific to choices and that browsing is relevant, better than LinkedIn.

Through the combination of technology and education, Uniti Me is the ideal way to enhance the quality of student experience where it really matters, to connect locally, globally and get personal insights into their chosen fields.