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About this idea


There are many different types of reasons a student’s education can be affected, some of which cannot be controlled or helped. There are obstacles that can be tackled in order to allow students to benefit as much as possible from their education. Some of the factors that can be considered a challenge include, addition help and services, equipment and tools, software and hardware components; these factors can be and are usually provided by universities to help student’s progress in their studies. With Edge Hill University the campus is always evolving and new state of the art buildings and accommodation are being built. The problem I see here is "what is the use in all the help, equipment and resources if a student is unable to locate any of them or understand the purpose of a building within the university". 


The concept is to allow students to be able scan a building of their surroundings and display information using AR technology to provide students with instant feedback on what can be found and who are housed within the detected building. 


A prototype of the application has been made. The application currently detects images of 12 different buildings around the Edge Hill University campus and displays AR content to provide users with some information around the building being detected. I am hoping to create the application to detect the actually buildings around the university instead of detecting the buildings from images.