About this idea

The project primarily aims at helping students financially by allowing them to showcase specific advertisements for company specific branding while at university. The Univert product provides a platform which will allow companies to advertise their brand by producing products such as t-shirts, hats and various other clothing apparel for students. The students would then be able to sign-up to the program and, providing they have been chosen to advertise the product, would then receive the branded material from the supplier. The students would then be required to wear the product for a period of time stated by the company and post photographic proof by posting an image of themselves to twitter or another form of social media service. The student would then be paid by the company for increasing the university wide awareness of the brand. This could be expanded to multiple universities across the country and could even by used abroad.

Who the idea will benefit and how

 The Students within the university and the business that has invested into the advertisement will mainly benefit in the following ways:

 - Increases Brand awareness of the business

 - Enables businesses to further integrate with University product placement  

 - Free clothing for students

 - Increased income for students

 - Work experience for students

 - Brand specific offers for students

Possible use cases

Case 1: Company A wishes to attract more students into using their new product aimed at students, E.g discounted prices for students. Company A then advertises for 5 people by using the Univert. Univert will then check through all of the applicants and judge them based on previous experience. The application must enable new applicants to be accepted to increase the amount of diversity with students. The applicant would then be selected and informed that they have been accepted for the post. Company A would then send the chosen apparel to the student and the dates at which the student would be required to wear the product. The student would then wear the products and periodically upload images to various social media sites proving that the student is wearing said product. Once the images have been uploaded as proof the company will then pay the user based on the time period the user has worn the product.

Case 2: The University would like to advertise a new event to students across the campus. To do so they have advertised 10 posts on the Univert application. Students will then apply for the post and the application will then sift through the applicants and find the most appropriate applicants. Univert will then inform the successful applicant that they have been accepted. The chosen apparel will then be sent to the student or given in person. The user will then be required to wear the product at the stated period of time and post images to provide proof that the student is wearing the product. Once the images have been uploaded as proof the university will then pay the user based on the time period the student has worn the advertisement.


01/06/2015 – 30/08/2015

 - Develop Web application to advertise the post and allow students to apply. In addition, allow companies to post new       applications on the website

 - Develop App to allow student to post images to social media sites as proof

 - Attract companies into using the platform to advertise their products and brand

 - Attract Students into using the platform in the new academic year 2015

People who will be involved in developing the idea

Lead Developer: Ajay Raj

Lead Designer: Richard Davies

Developer: Jake O’Conner

Developed in partnership with Dr. Thomas Lancaster and Birmingham City University