About this idea

YOStudent a Global Learning Network equipped with educational tools designed to assist students with finding and sharing resources. The platform will combine the basic, but highly useful tools of a social networking platform and virtual learning environments, coupled with innovatively developed tools to provide the perfect learning buddy. It will be accessible through our usual desktop and various mobile devices.

The idea is essentially a platform that helps users find the most accurately information they’re searching for, in turn, saving them hours, weeks or even months of research. The platform will also serve as a console in which people from various locations in the world and create and build ideas through collaboration and support from each other. This platform will also future an information verification system which will hold users accountable for the information they upload onto the platform.

We want to create a strategic approach intended to simplify learning for of all users and overcoming the exclusion of basic human rights to education in all levels of comprehension, in all parts of the globe with enhanced accessibility. The platform will feature the use of profiles which user can showcase personal information and projects in a proficient manner. The platform will provide tools users can user to collaborate to benefit personal and professional projects.

The platform will allow for paid or sponsored tutoring, where users can form or join tutoring groups. • Users can endorse uploaded information or collaborate with other user in such process. All users will be held accountable for information they choose to upload and how that information is referenced. This will lay the foundation for an Information Verification System.

Search results will be filtered according to user’s ability to comprehension abilities, thus narrowing the flow of information to best match each user’s personal style of learning. For example, computing students will have IT related information directed at them and Art enthusiasts will receive information relative to creativeness. This system will not restrict users’ from accessing all information in the database.

With a click of a button, users will have access to a database filled with educational resources from various points of view.