About Force2016 PitchIt Innovation Challenge

How could you make a real difference to research communications? Are you looking for like-minded people, and would a seed fund of $1,500 help kick-start your project? As part of its commitment to collaboration, transparency and innovation, the FORCE2016 conference is updating its $1K Challenge session (more funding - $1500) and encourages all delegates (both actual and virtual) to participate.

Ethical Guideline: We request that all entrants keep in mind the ethos of FORCE11, and that they endeavour to uphold it so that we can keep the rules and restrictions to a minimum. Rules: An individual can only be associated with a single entry per year. Any evidence of vote-rigging will result in the disqualification of affected entries.

Voting will take place in real time by meeting delegates at FORCE2016 during the PITCH IT: INNOVATION CHALLENGESession on April 19 at 1:15pm. Votes will not be collected using this site. If you have any questions about submitting an entry please contact Chris Keene (Chris.Keene@jisc.ac.uk).

If you can not upload a video as part of your entry then please use the following url when using the submission form: https://youtu.be/IuTzXcy86Io