Radian Data Education and Advocacy Portal

About this idea

Open data flourishes with education and advocacy. But librarians—and especially data librarians—rarely receive formal instruction training. We instead tend to develop instruction skills by attending workshops and conferences, by reviewing the literature, and by talking with colleagues. In other words, we rely on each other as pedagogical resources.

Data librarians come from a variety of backgrounds. With the right collaborations in place, this varied expertise promises to enhance and to energize our profession. But many institutions have only a single data librarian; consequently, our closest colleagues are dispersed across institutions and throughout the world. In order to better work together, we need a central, collaborative space for curriculum development and community building.

Our team proposes a web portal where people who are interested in data education and advocacy can collaboratively develop, share, reuse, and remix openly-licensed curriculum materials. Our proposed portal will illuminate the data landscape, opening communication channels between data educators, and encouraging community interaction, knowledge synthesis, and information production. The Radian Data Education and Advocacy Community will include: Creative Commons-licensed curriculum materials like lesson plans, slides, interactive tutorials, labs, and videos that are searchable and browsable; educator tools to facilitate collaborative curriculum development and interactive online learning; and discussion forums for collaboration, knowledge sharing, and community-building.

Ultimately, the portal will not only serve to enhance data librarians’ pedagogy and advocacy, but it will serve as a broader community space where all those who are interested in open data and data education can convene to help shed light on the world—one dataset at a time.