How to create an idea

How to create an idea  

This is a simple guide to creating an idea. 

Only individuals with a email address will be able to submit ideas. 

Your idea must have a positive impact on learning, teaching and assessment in the college! 


Check for other similar ideas 

We want to encourage a wide range of ideas but if your idea is too similar to an existing idea it may not be accepted. The first thing you should do is take a look at the ideas which other people have submitted and try to make sure that your idea is unique. So the earlier you submit the more likely your idea will be original! 

Expressing your idea 

We recommend you begin by writing a clear and concise summary of your idea as a first step. This will help you plan your video and will also help with writing the description that will accompany the idea. Feel free to come to The Learning Lounge to get help you with this process. 

Preparing your video 

You will need to prepare a short video to 'pitch' your idea. Remember to explain, not only what your idea is all about, but also the benefits it would deliver. 2-5 minutes is a good length to aim for when preparing your video. 

Once you have created your video please upload it onto YouTube. If you want to look at videos that people have submitted in other elevator pitch competitions please visit the Jisc archive. 

If your video has been uploaded to Planet eStream, please insert this link: into the video space and ensure the video uploaded to Planet eStream is clearly labelled with your Idea title and your username/team as well as attached to the "MAD Digital Challenge" Category

Please add a copy of your Planet eStream video link into your project description prior to submitting.

While we will accept video submissions via Planet eStream, we would prefer for you to use Youtube instead. It will make it easier for voters to choose your idea.

Completing the submission form 

  1. Create a short snappy title that will summarise your idea. 
  2. Link to a video on YouTube by copying and pasting the url or embedding code.(See above if using Planet eStream instead of YouTube)
  3. Write a short description. This should summarise your idea in 120 characters or less and will be used on the homepage and the ideas listing page. 
  4. Write a full description including details of the idea and the benefits it would deliver. You will want to keep this description brief and clear with 300-500 words is generally a good length for these descriptions. You may want to consider the following headings when writing your description: 
    • Who the idea will benefit and how? 
    • Possible use cases? 
    • Deliverables - Tools, technology required, skill set, resources, cost, etc...? 
    • Timescales? 
    • People who will be involved in developing the idea? 


Review and submit your idea 

This step shows a preview of your idea and allows you to edit, submit or delete your idea. 

Once you've submitted your idea it will be reviewed by an administrator. You will receive a notification when your idea has been added to the site. 


Originality of idea 

Please be aware that if your idea is similar to another already submitted entry, it will be resent to you to amend. 

Manage your account and promote your idea 

To encourage votes we strongly recommend that you share your idea using various communication channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram and Linkedin. You will also be able to promote your idea on other websites by embedding the video or a button linking to your idea. 


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