Interactive Information

About this idea


The first element of this idea is to have an Interactive Kiosk of the clubs and events taking place throughout the day on the wall between the Turnstiles and Public Library entrance.

The reason for this area in the reception space is due to its darkened light as a result of a lack of natural light reaching the wall. Furthermore the ceiling has a low altitude in this section compared to the two-storey void at the entrance of the building which would make installing a projector impossible.


* The projection would show a timetable of the day ahead and include any and all clubs, student rep meetings for each department.

* On the other half of the screen will be the following week’s events with each day having a bullet-point list of the clubs that day.

* The top section of the screen will have a term long calendar with Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 etc. Each week will contain a list of events taking place that particular Monday to Friday for example an open day, parents evening or dance show.


This project would benefit all students in providing them with information on day to day clubs as well as reminders of events like talent competitions, trips and fundraising days. The best aspect of this idea is that whilst students are entering college in the morning, they can quickly browse the clubs that day with complete ease. In addition when a student is walking back into college from lunch they may see a club is starting in 5 minutes and they then have last minute reminders which in today’s society is key to a good turnout as students become easily distracted across the day which makes reminders on SnapChat and Twitter so ineffective. This is why the projection will also have the option for students to “Remind Me” of an upcoming event that they have shown interest in. By typing their Student I.D number into the Remind Me tab they will be signing up to receive a reminder of the event 24 hours before the event is taking place. The reason for this feature is to increase turnout when students are quite forgetful. Currently, I feel that there aren’t many clubs around the college and this is probably due to departments being concerned about low attendance. However, with this projection, turnout will surely increase and this will hopefully create a fresh drive for holding more clubs which is beneficial for students developing new skills, making new friends and improving their perception of education to the point of even improving their overall mental health. 

Interactivity with information:

The interactive totem would mean that a student can physically alter what the screen is showing. For example, a student can do the following:

1) Press Tuesday’s events tab

2) Press Photography Club tab This will then open up a short description of what the club is about as well as offer photos of the work and club taking place.

1) Press Week 10’s tab

2) Press Firework Display This will open up details of the event times, as well as displaying photos from the Firework Display the previous year.

3) Press the ‘Remind Me’ tab and enter their I.D Number to receive an event reminder 24 hours before the Firework Display. On the homepage of the interactive kiosk will be a slideshow similar to the one shown on the Plasma screens around the college reminding students of Free Breakfast, Learning Lounge Screenings and accessories like Booking Pods and the conference room for group work.

The slideshow will also highlight EDUROAM and ERIC’s importance and the resources available on ERIC and eTrackr. Of course, this interactive programme will also become its own website available to all students away from the foyer kiosk because why keep an incredible source of information isolated to one screen?!

Furthermore I find myself always wondering when certain college dates and events are taking place and the current college calendar is rather useless. I believe an upgrade is required, but why stop at open days and term dates? This website and projection should become a student’s first point of information as they enter the bright and welcoming reception area.


The timescale for creating this dream of interactive technology would easily fit within the 6 months allowed. It would require professional making of the website which could then become an interactive automated version where the slideshow runs and the page returns to its daily home screen after 30 seconds of not being used so that other students can view that day’s clubs once more.


An interactive screen with speakers for sound on presentations would look similar to ones used in McDonalds at services stations which are ergonomically matched to an average person size however the colleges one would be far wider to allow for multiple students to use the space around it.

Zac will be involved in the creation of the vision of the website along with the Marketing Team in order to integrate the college presentations.

Student Union management will be involved in creating the clubs that will feature on the daily club timetables.


A big problem I have noticed since becoming the Social Media manager for EFC is that a lot of students still don’t know about events taking place even despite the Plasma Screens, Snapchat reminders and posters around the college showing that perhaps, unless they have it placed right in front of them, and can interact with it then they won’t be interested. This is why I feel that the interactive projection is the solution to increasing positivity around college and developing motivation through the participation to fun activities.