Truth Or Lie

About this idea



My idea is a simple app. The app will let student select a subject and be given true or false questions about the subject. The questions will come straight from the teacher, course leader or the leader of the department.

My I choose to do an app?


The reason why I choose the app is because of its simple design and its ease of distribution to any platform. Hardware will take a lot of time and money. An app can be easily tested for bugs and you can later on sell this template idea to other schools.

What qualifies to do this?


The reason why I took the mad challenge is because  I saw an opportunity for something that is related with my field of work. I am a game designer, I am the only one in by class, and who has taken the mad challenge, who as designed, made and published his own app. So i have more than enough experience to make this. This app took only two days what do think i can do week or month or even longer. My Name is Jasbir Basra, Thank you for listening


"My Mad Challenge Idea was initially sent by email to Vikki Liogier on 18 December 2016 11:55:08 as I did not realise submission was to be completed online. While Vikki requested at 12:08:30 the same day that I post it on this platform, I did not read the message until I returned to college after the festivities"