VR 360 XP

About this idea

What is our idea?

Our idea is to bring in real life industry experiences in the classroom thanks to virtual reality. We would like to capture using 360 camera key situations, giving the students opportunity to experience and interact using various sensors, enabling them to develop their skills. The virtual reality device makes learning more effective and relevant for both students and teachers as it incorporates the different learning styles such as visual, kinaesthetic and aural. This would definitely enhance learning, teaching and assessments.


Who the idea will benefit and how?

Our idea will benefit both teachers and students.

It allows teachers to use new modern teaching techniques in their lesson which makes their teaching more efficient and memorable. As a result, the students will be more likely to engage and remember the lessons. It will also help students with disabilities as it allows them to participate in lessons more easily.


Possible use cases?

Our idea can be used in various departments such as:

-Health and Social Care: Hospital experience such as stitching wounds, observing hazardous risks and caring for patients. Another example is for a student to be part of a Multi-Disciplinary Meeting to show the importance of effective communication, teamwork and the procedure of the meetings.

-Child Care: This can help the individuals to enhance their observation skills by observing children i, practice basic childcare skills such as: nappy changing, comforting children and do safety checks.

-Electrical: It can help individuals to learning safe practice and wiring: how to safety proof and fix live sockets & how to wire fuse boxes safely.

-Motor mechanics: This equipment could be used for individuals to spot issues within a vehicle for example: oil change in the engine and the body of the car.

-Media: It gives the individuals the opportunity to enhance their skills by being a part in development of this idea. They can help create their own games and showcase their final piece which makes it more fun, modern and interactive.

-IT: They will be able to take apart the device, fix then reassemble it. We need individuals to be able to fix any damage to the device. It can help them in their future career as technology is growing rapidly, and also advancing and developing.



We will be using a HTC Virtual Reality set which includes: HTC Vive VR Virtual Reality Headset Gaming System, HTC Vive Virtual Reality Headset, 2 Wireless Controllers and 2 Movement Sensors. We will also be using the Samsung gear 360 camera with the Samsung gear VR headset. 



We will be officially launching in June


People who will be involved in developing the idea?

Annisa Twomey

Cameron Turner

Sasha- Lee Kelly

Jadelyn Gatchalian