Rate Your Student Home

About this idea

Rate Your Student Home (RYSH) is an app which will support students with finding a suitable home during their university life. The service the app seeks to offer will be giving the students a greater knowledge of the properties they wish to live in, by means of geolocation, open information from estate agencies and also peer-reviews from fellow students whom have lived in different houses. The app will give students the option to upload pictures and reviews of properties they have lived in, by rating the house, the area and the cost. A score will be generated based on the reviews and this will be visualised on the Google Map by colour from Green (high score) to Red (low score). Students will also be able to rate their estate agents based on approachability and speed of service.

After a student’s first year in Halls of Residence, this might be their first real experience of finding a home to live in. There is a lot more to finding somewhere to live than meets the eye and I feel that having this app will be able to support the student’s make an informed decision which will affect their student life for the next academic year.

As the app will rely on the student’s geolocation, it will draw upon the open data provided by Google Maps, which is publicly available. Furthermore, there will be open data sets taken from local estate agencies of the student homes on the market, which will include the university owned accommodation.

The other person involved in the development of this idea is Kate Green (Projects and Community Assistant, Disruptive Media Learning Lab, Coventry University).