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About this idea

UniU is an app that makes young people and students life alot easier. Through first hand access to all events, projects, internships, summer schools, open days and plenty more, in one direct source. Students and parents no longer have to search online for hours and dig deep in university websites for departmental events or even in emplyoyer websites. What the app does is tell you whats happening, when and where to sign up, aswell as the deadline for signing up ( Students tend to forget about things, which is why we have enabled a notification service for them, for both events in themselves added to their phone calender and a unique notification system. Now a days there is so much information out there and its imporant to get the right information. For example, when thinking of applying to university you tend to look at where it is in ranking, what course is right and where it is, but what truely makes a students mind as to whether or not to study there or even work in a company, is experience. Yes, its important to consider what others say about it aswell but most importantly how you feel about it when you went there. Visiting a campus, a company, or attending an event with inspirational speakers are what capture young people not statistics on what is better. With UniU the world is their oyster! As a free app everyone will be able to download it no matter where there from, or who they are, even parents can download it and see what things their kids could attend so that they become more informed on their future choices. At the end of the day, it is the responsibility for the studednt to sign up and attend the events they want to go to and participate it. However, the goal of this app is to open the path for millions of students who are not informed about all the oppourtunities out there and the choices available for them and to continue to help them make informed choices throughout their studies and even during work. Our personalised and unique program is what will solve the information gap between students, universities, employers and third parties that want to get involved and support young people both in the UK and around the world.