Uni Plan

About this idea

What service the processed app would provide to enhance the student journey?

The app will provide a personalised timetable for each student in university. Student will be able to login with their university login and access their timetables along with other features such as exam timetables, university events and a personalised calendar. The app will help students stay organised, prevent them from being late to their lessons, notify them of last minute class changes and improve punctuality. Timetables are very difficult to access on the current Coventry University platform and it also takes a very long time to get to the timetable.  The open data we will be using will be the timetable and map provided by the Coventry University.

A scenario in which the app meets a specific student need or solves an information problem?

On many occasions there has been times where students have had difficulty trying to find their lessons due to having problems with Moodle or there being last minute changes. Being a fresher especially, this can be extremely inconvenient and frustrating when trying to find your lesson and not knowing where you’re going. This app solves this problem with easy access to information such as your timetable and also a three dimensional visual map of the University building making it easier to find your lessons as a university student.

Future plans?

We plan on implementing many more features to the app, for example we would like to personalise the app to fit everyone needs. Students will get notifications alerting them of their exam timetables and assignments. Lectures will be able to access their student timetables to make last minute changes. If students are a part of any societies they will be able to add that in. Furthermore students will get notified if the lecturers aren’t present, this will help to avoid confusion due to the accessibility of the app.