Facebook Pedagogy

About this idea

This will benefit:

Students:  particularly apprentices and those undertaking work based learning. They can take photos of problems (e.g. a faulty piece of pipework or joinery), share (in a safe environment) with their student peer group (that are all part of a safe, City College Plymouth tutor group) and share the problem. They do this:


Real time

Provides impossible problems (and solutions) too difficult to replicate in the classroom

It could be a question – what’s wrong here? How can you help? This will inevitably inspire dialogue and provoke a response from students (particularly those that don’t speak up in the classroom so much)

Staff: Knowledge exchange – keeps tutors abreast of industry practices and problems. Particularly problems that cannot be foreseen. It also provides educational freedom for tutors.

•Possible use cases

This will be rolled out across the College within all vocational areas (hairdressing, construction, engineering, media, hospitality and catering etc). It will be about getting the tutors to utilise it – breaking down barrier surrounding Facebook security and taking advantage of this magical tool that can revolutionise learning.


Facebook Pedagogy will be embedded into the curriculum – at first rolled out within the construction department at City College Plymouth and then, through training and development, within all faculty areas. It is anticipated that more than 50% of the vocational staff will utilise Facebook in their teaching and learning.


To roll out September 2016 within construction and over the full academic year remaining vocational areas.

•People who will be involved in developing the idea

Dr Simon Reddy – Plumbing tutor – project lead.

Construction tutors initially

Vocational tutors

Students, particularly apprentices and those that are work-based learning.