About this idea

iCollege is a Blended Learning Analytics Platform for Further Education

Our goal is to improve the academic results of hundreds of thousands of further education students, by helping colleges to innovate and improve the education they deliver.

We will achieve this by supporting networks of colleges with blended learning analytics which identify success factors where they occur, and share them across the network to allow all colleges to learn and improve more rapidly. We will use analytics to identify the most successful learning content, curriculum designs, and delivery factors, and assess these in the context of learner demographic data to help colleges personalise the education they provide.

The service will include;

1.    Learning platform for students, which teachers can blend with their classroom teaching

2.    Teacher support and management tools

3.    Content exchange for teachers

4.    Learning analytics combining data across multiple colleges to identify best practices.

We already have around 10 colleges who will pilot the service this year, focusing on GCSE Maths. If this goes well, we plan to roll out the Maths network more widely in the following year, as well as expanding into other subjects, including Functional Skills, English, and other vocational qualifications.

We have already begun developing the prototype, extending an open source platform called Open edX. Open edX provides an excellent learning platform, mobile apps, and learning analytics infrastructure, and we are extending this with FE and student data integrations, dashboards, and other components. We need the funding to complete the prototype in readiness for the pilot programme, and then to iterate based on initial user feedback.

The project is being developed by a core team of three, including a GCSE Maths specialist, an experienced manager from the Further Education sector, and a technology specialist with 30 year experience of software development.

Thanks for reading, and if you would like to support learners to have a better and more successful experience learning GCSE Maths and other subjects, please vote for us!