About this idea

Who we are

We are an educational technology company based in Brighton. We have spent the last 2 years developing a range of physical and digital products that have one aim; to get more young people inventing. 

We have created a range of 3D printed robotics kits that are connected to a mobile phone control app and our online learning dashboard, where you can learn the basics of code, how to manipulate in 3D design software and how the electronics work.

It is exactly this 360-degree understanding that has lowered the barrier to product design and now means anyone can invent their own brilliant products to solve big problems. Our digital platform also allows young people to showcase their own inventions to the world. 

We also run invention workshops across the UK and have taught over 2000 young people emerging tech, like 3D printing and high-level robotics.

We have won numerous grants and awards and were recently named one of the top 50 most creative companies in the UK by Creative England. In Summer of 2016, we will be 

What we need the funding for

We are working with Brighton College and Brighton University students to test our platform in higher education market. We want to work with department heads and students to see if our kits can be used as inspirational learning tools for those studying product design, engineering or computing. The results from this will then be used to inform course creation and product functionality.

we believe this could be a game changer for us, opening up a whole new sector for us.