My Access Passport

About this idea

People who require a range of Microsoft accessibility settings in order to use computers and software often require complex and lengthy setting changes when they change computers. For example from their home computer to a computer at work or in college or at a computer at their local library. These changes often cannot be made by the person themselves which then leaves them very reliant on others.

We have produced a Beta prototype called MAP (My Accessible Passport) that saves a user’s access settings into a profile which is stored in the cloud. When the user logs on, settings download from the users profile and are applied to the computer they are currently working on. Settings return to their default when the user logs off. We aim to develop the ability to download settings to a pen drive that when inserted to a computer will automatically change settings to the user’s stored profile. We are also aiming to develop the front end user experience and the range of accessibility features that can be stored in a user’s profile as well as improve operability over a range of Windows operating systems.

The idea is bigger than the product: it is about increasing accessibility on a universal basis, with the “MAP” logo pointing to accessible environments where users can easily and independently apply their own profile settings. To realise this we will ensure that the software is 'open source' and free to the end user. MAP will give the freedom of access to many who are currently dependent on others to use a computer.