About this idea

Nemonic is a personalised knowledge recall app that that helps users to revisit and recall information in the days weeks and months after they learn it. Nemonic helps student to break the widespread reliance on “cram and forget” exam strategies, and promotes meaningful learning that stays with students in the long term.

Studies show that repeatedly revisiting content that one learns improves students’ ability to retain that knowledge in the long term. If students do this at all, it is often time-consuming, cumbersome and unsustainable.

Although an evidence base for a single superior recall schedule has yet to be established, the principle is very well evidenced, and there are many schedules that have been shown experimentally to be effective.

The app is based on a schedule in use at Peninsula College of Medicine and Dentistry (PCMD) for over a decade. It suggests that students should re-visit and test themselves on a topic, on the day they learn it, the day after, a week after, and one month after.

Applying these principles in practice can be difficult because it requires significant organisation to manage a student’s recall schedule.  Nemonic solves this problem by doing this for students in a easy to use app, that can be integrated into a student’s normal learning patterns.

Who the idea will benefit and how

The app has the potential to benefit students of many disciplines, particularly those where many concepts and facts must be learned and remembered for long duration. By re-visiting and recalling information after learning it student will have a better long term knowledge, and in turn a reduced reliance on ineffective “cramming and forget” exam techniques. This less widely applied model of learning is particularly valuable for vocational professions such as health disciplines where knowledge forgotten is time wasted.

Possible use cases

The app has already been trialled among small groups of medical students in Plymouth as part of research project into the app’s effectiveness, the results of which will be presented at a national educational conference in July.


We are hoping to use the funding to trial Nemonic in a few more external organisations gathering valuable evaluation data, refining and improving the app. We will ensure that the app is available in a format that is available to everyone in order to maximise reach and potential for collaboration and development.

Projected timescales

Phase 1 – Organisation and Participant recruitment (2months)

Phase 2 – Protocol refined and adapted to target institutions (2 month)

Phase 3 – Implementation runs (4 months – 2 institutions at a time over a period of 2 months each)

Phase 4 – Evaluation report and recommendation with future development and business plan  (1 month)

People who will be involved in developing the idea

Mr Alex Cripps, a 4th year student at PCMD, Recall app concept owner.

Mr Robert Hart – Lead developer, Technology Enhanced Learning for Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Daniel Zahra – Research Analyst and Statistician

Dr James Edwards – Academic mentor

Dr Arunangsu Chatterjee – Development and Research mentor