About this idea

The best way to learn is by doing; and manufacturing is no exception. Giving students hands-on experience with manufacturing and CNC programming encourages better engagement with the subject and allows for the development of valuable practical skills. However, providing the platform for this learning is challenging, as systems are often prohibitively expensive, require extensive training to operate, and focus on only one manufacturing process.

That’s why we’ve developed the OMNI. This is a low cost, multi-function CNC platform, allowing the user to gain experience in manufacturing without technician training. The OMNI utilises the capability of a range of manufacturing processes including 3D printing, milling, laser cutting and metrology on a single flexible platform.

We’ve spent the past two years working with an industrial partner, developing OMNI from concept to initial prototype, and we’re now ready to develop this into a fully functioning educational tool.


Who the product will benefit and how

Higher Education - Colleges and universities who can provide a comprehensive learning platform without the expense associated with multiple CNC systems.

Students - Young people can learn about design and manufacture first hand by creating complex designs whilst also gaining experience with the programming of CNC processes.


Possible use cases

Multi-function Manufacturing

Students can use the system to produce their designs using multiple processes on a single platform. This allows for greater flexibility in design whist also providing first hand experience with a wide variety of manufacturing principles.

CNC Programming

OMNI allows students to learn the basics of CNC programming without the worry of damaging high cost machine tools. The hands on environment allows for first hand testing of machine code, enabling enhanced learning and engagement.



Refine prototype for initial pilot scheme

Roll out pilot with selected educational partners

Use feedback from pilot scheme to refine system

Develop product, ready for market



Refine prototype - 2 months

Roll out pilot and test performance - 3 months

Evaluate and refine system - 3 months

Develop marketable product - 3 months


People who will be involved in developing the idea

Glen Cahill, Jack Pearson, Ed Cooper, Alex Michaels - Founders

Redland Sanders, MTC  - Industrial Advisor

University of Bristol - Educational pilot