Play to Work

About this idea

Employability Skills are defined as the transferable skills needed by an individual to make them employable. The development of employability skills and being able to refer to them in job applications and interviews provides a distinct advantage to candidates. Play to work plans to assist prospective employees gain the employability skills they need to gain employment and succeed in a modern workplace.

Play to work is an education based adventure game. It follows the main character of the game who is in a middle management role in a company. Assuming a middle management role allows the player to and experience multiple situations within a workplace from various viewpoints (giving or being given tasks). The characters objective is to have the most productive and happy workplace possible, this will be reflected via a scoring system throughout the game.

The player can interact with characters within the environment, each character will give the player a unique task or mission to complete. Each task will relate to the main employability skills that the player needs. Namely:

Communication skills: Players learn valuable communication skills throughout the game via conversations with Non-playable characters, these interactions then effect the characters decisions later in the game.

Group Work/Leadership: Within this section of the game the player will evaluate characters skills and assign them jobs in a common workplace task.

Interview Skills: This stage of the game will involve the player interviewing several characters and choosing one to employ. This will teach the player the possible interview questions they may get asked and also how to answer them/ how not to answer them.

Presentation Skills: To learn presentation skills the player follows a series of timed button presses and movements so to conduct an engaging presentation.

Each task will have a direct effect on future events within the game, for example hiring a bad applicant may result in you having to solve more problems in relation to that employee later in the game.

Play to work plans to launch a website containing the game allowing it to be accessible on any computer with Unity Web Player installed, the game will be optimised so users will not require up to date hardware to run the game. We plan to develop with game within 8 months, test the game within South West College for the period of a month and finally conduct final tweaks based on player feedback in the closing 3 months.

The game will be developed by Virtual Services a department of South West College. The team at Virtual services includes experts in the field of games development and design. We specialize in developing educational/simulation games for emergent platforms such as virtual reality, augmented reality and online web based gaming.