Social Scholar

About this idea

Social Scholar is a social networking site for students with the primary aim of creating a more collaborative learning experience.

The site allows users to create and complete study periods. Each study period allows users to take notes which can then be viewed by friends or shared within groups. Information regarding the best day, favourite subject, total amount of completed periods and time can be viewed in the users about page.

In addition to this the site lets users set up study groups in which they can invite their friends, share documents and study notes as well as ask and answer questions. I'd like to develop this feature further and add support for webcams so information and discussions can be more responsive.

I have plans for additional features including a course manager which lets users keep track of their assignments across their courses. I'd also like to develop a levelling system wherein completing study periods, setting up and interacting with study groups contributes towards a profile level, which can then be compared with friends.

Thank you for taking the time to watch the video or read this description.