Augmented Reality App

About this idea

Who will the idea benefit and how?

The augmented reality (AR) app will enable educational institutions to provide digital, multimedia content to visitors, prospective and current students on the campus to enhance their experience in a number of ways:

- Visitors could benefit from using the app by getting to know the university better, learning about its history and hearing from students, and if they are foreign language speakers, they could see signs and descriptions in their own languages. - Prospective students could learn more about the university’s culture by accessing a variety of multimedia content, for example interviews with other students. - Current students could benefit from an enhanced experience during the fresher’s week. - Student unions would also be able to benefit from the AR app by being able to advertise their events and membership to students. - Educational institutions would also benefit themselves by providing better experience leading to improved reputation among students.

Each of these groups would be able to benefit from uses such as the ones mentioned and many more, given the flexible nature of the technology (varied types of clipping points and possibility to provide information through various media, such as video, text and audio).

Possible use cases

A visitor at a university campus with an AR app could see multilingual content, old photos or footage of events, or interviews with university employees. A prospective student could listen to interviews with alumni talking about their experience at a particular department. Current students would find it easier to access information and the community. All this would be available through devices such as smartphones or tablets without the need to purchase any additional technology. Content available through the AR app could be provided by the institution, student unions or students themselves and brought to devices by pointing at real-life objects or special-purpose labels.

Deliverables and timescales

As part of this project, we would like to deliver the actual AR app using one of the existing AR platforms. We would also like to develop training materials to encourage its uptake across the UK. While the exact timescale would depend on the amount of programming work needed, we are confident that the AR app can be delivered within reasonable time.

People involved in developing the idea

In order to bring the AR app to universities across the UK, the project would involve our team, as well as support from programmers and graphic designers.