Pocket First Aider

About this idea

Pocket First Aider is an app that teaches students basic first aid. The app provides sets of instructions on what to do in common and more serious incidents. It also includes a list of symptoms so that the user can accurately decide what is going on in the situation.

Another feature is the use of Google Maps. There is a feature where the user can look on maps for their nearest amenity is such as a Pharmacy or Doctors Surgery. the user will then be able to click the icon and get instant directions from their current location using GPS within the device.

Another feature would be to develop web pages that will inform users on how to use certain first aid equipment. They can be accessed from QR Codes situated next to the equipment. This will mean that users can access the information at any time and learn when they are comfortable. 

One more feature I added was a visual first aid kit. It contains a usefule image guide on what they user should have in their first aid kit to enable them to carry out basic first aid. This keeps users engaged as information will pop up along with the image detailing the uses of the different things in the kit.

This app can have real world applications and can help students feel a bit safer at university. I'm sure at some point someone will have to administer first aid and with the help of the training within the app, students will feel more confident carrying out first aid.