About this idea


We perform a lot better when we enjoy the way we're learning. Stuiz is an app that aims to be a fun way to take in information that would have otherwise been time spent head down in the library.

It gives students studying the same modules a chance to challenge each other while promoting education. The multiple choice questions help reinforce the connections in the brain, making the student more efficient at retrieving the information that's been encoded into the long term memory.

Not only will it be a good revision tool, the app will also notice what areas you are weaker in and tailor quizzes to help you improve in those areas. In the single player mode, it will skew the content of a module toward these areas and repeat questions you previously got wrong.

After the round, the app will show these areas as well as ones you did well in, giving you the ability to shape your revision more efficiently.



Stuiz can be played in a single player mode or with friends like shown in the video, maybe over lunch or in between lectures. In Bath, the bus to university takes just under 20 minutes. Playing Stuiz single player on the bus would provide a well-needed warming up before a 9:15am lecture.



Badly designed and cumbersome apps never encourage revisits to it. That’s why one of the main aims is for the app to have a very intuitive, understandable and simple interface. Examples of what I envision this to be are shown in the video.

There is potential for it to be a website as well but I believe a mobile app would best fit the audience.



The concept is only part of it, the full idea needs to be feasible in practise as well. Stuiz is centred upon entertainment (exuded by the teaser trailer) and the enjoyment of its users. This will give the app the momentum to succeed.


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