Survey Exchange

About this idea

I’m sure we all know how it feels to spend hours crafting the perfect survey for our dissertation, only to get a handful of respondents at best. With Survey Exchange we are putting an end to that! Survey Exchange offers you and every student a community where you can easily share your questionnaire and gather all the answers you need. Survey Exchange works on a unique, handy point system that rewards reciprocity! 

My fellow students are regularly seeking help on social media because they are in urgent need of respondents for their surveys. We at Survey Exchange have an idea that would offer students a way more effective solution: a new online platform that would help people to get answers for their surveys in return for being an active participant of our community. What does this mean?

The system works as follows: First of all, users can create surveys and indicate their preferences regarding the type of respondents they would like to find. Members of Survey Exchange create a personal profile that will contain everything from their age to their studies. Using this profile, the website will connect the right users to the right surveys: if a student is looking for female respondents between the ages of 18-21, that is exactly what he will get. After finding the right respondents, the system will then display the surveys on their home page.

This is where it gets interesting and what truly separates Survey Exchange from its counterparts (such as Survey Monkey and Survey Gizmo): By filling out surveys that are displayed on your home page, you as a user will earn "Qpoints". At the same time, when somebody else fills out one of your surveys, you will lose a point. These points drive the innovative concept that is Survey Exchange: As long as a user has a positive Q points balance, his surveys will be displayed on other user's pages. This is exactly how Survey Exchange rewards reciprocity and creates a close community of respondents.

So far, we at Survey Exchange are really proud of what we've accomplished: Recently we have won two student business awards with our idea, one in the UK, at the University of Central Lancashire and one in the Czech Republic, at the University of Pardubice. Currently we are recruiting a programmer and are involved with social media promotion and market research. Also, we have already finished our squeeze page - a page that will attract future users and gather their contact details.

We at Survey Exchange believe that, with some external expertise and mentor ship, we could really bring our project to the next level and really make a difference for students, not only in the UK, but all over the world.