About this idea

TeamSearch is the solution to many students that often end up joining the wrong group as a consequence of selecting a group solely based on their achievements

TeamSearch allows for a profile to be created for a research group, work group or any team. Individuals who have been members of the group or affiliated to the group provide anonymous ratings on several criteria of the Team such as: Team leader, current members, working atmosphere, sociability of the team, achievements and many more. In addition to the ratings, individuals can also provide a review on the group. This would allow for future candidates joining the team to have a far better understanding on the group they will be joining. All reviews and ratings provided are anonymous allowing for honest and accurate information to be shared. Anonymous requests to members of a group can also be sent, requesting for more specific information.

Examples include Master students, PhD students, Post-doctoral fellows, Volunteers looking for the right group to join. One student may want more flexibility, while others may want an environment where the team works long hours so help is available at all times. Such detail can be obtained before directly meeting any members of the group. This anonymity also allows both the candidate and members to ask and give more honest opinions on the group.

The benefits of TeamSearch expands to a wide range of population which includes team leaders themselves. It is common practice for collaborations between teams to take place and not all work well. Now Team leaders can check potential collaborators to make informed decisions about collaborations or sending students for internships.

Is the group’s record, based on achievements only, enough to join?

TeamSearch allows you to get crucial knowledge about the team, and makes your career decisions much easier. 

Get reliable background on the group leader, its members, the working & social atmosphere, and many more.

Succeed in the team that supports you, shares your lifestyle and your goals. 

Timescales - Develop application and launch it to Universities initially (1.5 years) – Specifically encouraging members of research groups to create profiles

People who will be involved in developing the idea are: 1-2 programmers and an initial cohort of teams and groups to create profiles.