Uni Maps

About this idea

An app to help you find your way around uni. Allowing searches for specific utilities, facilities and classrooms.

Your working hard in a cafe and your laptop is about to die. You can't see a plug socket anywhere. Instead of wandering around looking like a fool and wasting precious time you get out your phone, search plug sockets and order by distance. Phew! There's one behind the couch your sitting on. Your on a late night study session and need some caffeine to help you pull an all-nighter. All the cafes are closed, is there anywhere you can buy a coffee? You whip out your phone, check the app and find a coffee machine on the next floor. It's your first week, you're running late and you don't know where your classroom is. You pull out your phone, open the app and type in the classroom name. Turn on GPS and you even get step by step instructions on how to get there. You need a computer with that pesky bit of software installed, but hardly any of them seem to have it. Open up the app, go to computers and filter by software - there's a couple of rooms on the second floor with it installed. You click on C206 and see how busy it is - luckily there's no class on and only a few people in there.

The app allows students to easily make the most of the variety of facillities the university has to offer which may other get overlooked. It would aso be of particular use to freshers trying to find their way round.