Your Book List

About this idea

Students are poor. Textbooks cost a fortune. We’re here to make university less expensive.

One of the largest costs of studying is textbooks which are often only used for a year and in some cases just one semester.  Buying them is also a nightmare with options including either standing in the dauntingly long queue in the campus bookshop or trawling the web to try find a deal. Either way textbooks expensive with limited options to save.

The Solution

Knowing there must be a better way we created Your Book List (YBL), a free app based service to facilitate students buying and selling used course textbooks.

Your Book List aims to revolutionise the used textbook market by making it easy and free for students to buy and sell textbook with peers at the same university. We help students both save an average of 60% on their textbooks and generate cash for used textbook that otherwise would have been left unused.

For the buyer the app allows them to quickly find the correct course books, view the potential saving and then arrange a meeting on campus to complete the transaction.

Sellers benefit from a quick listing tool using a barcode scanner to scan their books. YBL does all the heavy lifting by populating most of the information for you so you can have a whole years worth of books listed in seconds. Buyers message the seller directly via sms with offers and the physical transaction is handled between them.