Frequently Asked Questions

Questions from people submitting ideas:

What kind of ideas and projects are you looking for via the site?
We encourage a very broad scope for ideas, but they do have to focus on technology and do have to improve research, education or the student experience. If you are unfamiliar with Jisc and the projects we fund then it might be a good idea to have a quick read of the About page on our website.

What timescales can projects have?
This is described in the individual elevators.

We want more money for our project, is that possible?
The maximum funding for each elevator is not negotiable. However, if you do wish to apply for funding from other sources that is allowed.

Is this how Jisc funds all of its projects?
No this is one of our approaches to funding. More information about other Jisc innovation work is available on the website.

What will I have to do about reporting?
This will be explained in detail to people who are successful at securing funding. However reporting will be very informal and lightweight.

How do I know if my idea is eligible?
Check the submission criteria and the eligibility criteria. If your idea is ineligible we will let you know and it will not appear on the Elevator.

I'm not a student. Can I submit an idea?
Check the eligibility criteria, some elevators are open to non-students. However student led teams can include non-students.

Will all ideas that reach the voting targets be funded?
No. Each idea that receives the target number of votes will be assessed by an expert panel of markers to decide whether it should receive funding.

Can I submit more than one idea?
Yes. Although it is unlikely that more than one idea per team will be funded as we are only able to fund a limited number of projects and want to ensure we can include as many students and teams as possible.

Can I submit an idea to more than one elevator?
Yes if you meet the eligibility criteria.

Are FE students and teams eligible?
Check the eligibility criteria, there are some elevators that are particularly aimed at learners from the further education and skills sectors

Can people vote for more than one idea?
Yes, people can vote for as many ideas as they want. But only once per idea.

Questions about terms and conditions

Where can I read the terms and conditions?
These are available under Terms and Conditions.

Who will own intellectual property that arises from the grant?
This is stated in each elevator. For most Jisc elevators teams will retain all intellectual property developed using the grant funding. Jisc may require that certain outputs are made available under a suitable open licence to ensure that benefits are shared widely.

What can I use the funding for?
Only for the tasks outlined in the elevator and in connection with developing the idea you have submitted, not for any other project or purpose.

How will I get the funding?
If the Elevator is funded by Jisc then we will provide the grant directly to the lead member of the team, the defiend lead will vary between elevator. We will support all successful bidders in getting set up to receive the funding.

How will the funding be paid?
If the Elevator is funded by Jisc then we will set out a payment schedule in the grant letter.

When can I spend the funding?
Only within the timescales agreed in the funding letter that will be sent to successful teams. Spending outside of these timescales will require written approval from Jisc.

What about branding?
There will be a requirement to recognise the support that Jisc has provided in any blogs, websites or other content that is created. Successful students will need to work with Jisc to ensure that the correct logos are used in a way that is consistent with Jisc branding guidelines.