Terms & Conditions

By submitting your idea to the site you are agreeing to the following terms and conditions. You are also agreeing that you comply with the eligibility criteria stated in each elevator.

Any projects funded via this website will be expected to adhere to the Jisc Terms and Conditions of Funding for projects. The generic terms and conditions are available at here.

Once your idea has been submitted it will be subject to an approval process. Approval will be judged against eligibility criteria and the submission criteria. If your idea is rejected you will be provided with the reasons behind the rejection. There is no appeal process relating to that final decision..

Jisc reserves the right to interrupt or remove an idea from the site at any time.

Ideas that are successful in gaining the number of votes required will be considered for funding by Jisc but success in achieving voting targets does not guarantee funding.

Projects funded via this website will have different documentation requirements to standard Jisc projects. These will be lightweight and informal in keeping with the scale of the projects. For similar reasons projects will not be expected to develop full sustainability, evaluation and quality assurance plans.